Top 5 Methods to Avoid the Summer Flies


ummer house flies are one of the most commonly found pests all over the world. From a total number of 1.2 million species of flies, summer house flies are most likely to infest your house and make your life quite miserable. It is not very hard to spot the infestation of common house flies in one’s home. If you are listening to a buzzing sound near your year while doing anything in your house and failing to identify the source of the sound, then it means that your house is infested with this pest and it is time to take some action to get rid of it.

As we have already mentioned, summer house flies are one of the most common of all the pests that are found in homes, and the problem with these flies is not just that these make irritating noise. The problem is far major and dangerous than this. Common house flies carry millions of bacteria that are responsible for some of the most dangerous diseases by flies known to human beings. This is the main reason why you can’t afford to have a fly in your homes. These sit on the food that you eat and the bacteria get transferred from the flies to food and from there to your body. This makes these flies one of the most dangerous pests found in your homes.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some natural methods that you can use to avoid the summer flies. These methods are DIY and can be easily performed in your homes. In case the trespassing has gone beyond the lines and turned into an infestation, then it becomes important to reach out to the pest control company to ensure the health and comfort of your family. The Pest and Termite Co. are dedicated to providing our clients with world-class pest control services and help them get rid of all kinds of creepy pests from their homes.


  1. Plastic Water Bags to Avoid Summer Flies

This is one of the most unexplainable yet successful methods that are used to keep flies away from homes and shops. All you need to do is get a clear plastic bag, fill it with water, and hang the half-filled bag at the possible entrances of the flies. How illogical it may seem, but this method works most of the time and this being the reason several fruit sellers and street food carts use this method to keep the flies away from the food they serve. There are at least two explanations behind this phenomenon and both of them seem to be far from the logic. The first explanation says that flies don’t see the waterbag as the waterbag. Due to the structure of their eyes, the waterbag looks like a spider’s web to them, and hence they avoid the place where there is a water bag hanging at the entrance. The second explanation suggests that the reflection of water disorients the flies and creates an illusion that forces them to back off. Whatever the reason behind this may be, one thing that is clear is that this little trick works every time and contributes to pest control management by keeping the flies away from the home.


  1. Homemade Flies Repellent with Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a very popular choice when it comes to choosing an oil for nerve-calming and massage purposes. But, only a few people know that apart from being what it is, Lavender oil also has brilliant insect repellent properties and can be used to keep flies, moths, and several other kinds of insects away. People from many cultures used Lavender oil to protect their clothes from moth and other such insects. It can prevent mosquito and other insect bites and is considered as the perfect essential oil to be used for controlling the fly infestation as well as controlling other pests like fleas, black fly, black beetle, greenfly, and whitefly.

   How to Make the Repellent?

  • Get half cup of lavender oil, one tin can with lid, and a piece of cloth or dish sponge.
  • Dip the sponge or the piece of cloth in the Lavender Oil.
  • Take the cloth/sponge out from the oil and put it in the tin can, close the lid, and leave the can for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, remove the lid and keep the tin can open at a place in your house where the chances of flies are higher.
  • Repeat this process after the strength wears off and make sure that your skin is not in direct contact with the oil as it is not diluted and can cause harm to the skin.

Apart from Lavender oil, there are some other oils that can be used for the same purpose. Other essential oils like Citronella, Eucalyptus, Pennyroyal, Peppermint, etc. are some of the most effective natural insect repellents. But the difference between Lavender and other oils is that others need to be mixed with alcohol and water to have the effect you are looking for.

In case the infestation has gone beyond the limits of natural remedies like this, the best thing you can do is all experts and allow them to help you get rid of the problem. This is where The Pest and Termite Co. step in. We offer a 24×7 helpline that you can ring in case of emergencies. In case there is an infestation in your house, we will make sure that we leave your insect free and safe for you and your family to live.


  1. Cloves to Repel Flies

Cloves are very aromatic and for humans, the scent is very peaceful, but not the same in the case of flies. Unlike humans, flies cannot stand the scent of cloves and this makes it one of the best natural fly repellent on our list. In the remedy that we are going to tell you about, cloves are used with lemon juice to make the perfect fly repellent.

  How to make the repellent?

  • The first thing that you need to do is get two lemons and some 25-50 pieces of cloves.
  • Cut both the lemons in halves.
  • Poke some 8-12 cloves in each piece of lemon and make sure that you are poking it from the pointed parts and the but is still out of the lemon.
  • Arrange all of these lemons on a plate.
  • Put the place anywhere in your house where you think there is a possible fly infestation. This also proves to be the perfect centre table decoration piece as it keeps the living room free of flies. It can be used during yard dinners and barbecue parties to keep the insects away from the food.

Apart from using lemons, you can also use cheesecloth or a muslin bag to wrap the cloves and hang these in different parts of your house to get rid of flies.


  1. Lemongrass Spray to Keep Flies Away

This method not only keeps insects and flies away from your home but also contributes to keeping your home fresh and aromatic. It is known that flies do not like the smell of lemongrass, just like they don’t like the smell of lavender. So, this gives us an opportunity to extract the essential oil from lemongrass and use it for keeping the flies away by making the perfect insect repellent spray from it.

 How to make the Repellent?

  • Take some 1—14 drops of lemongrass essential oil, about half a cup of hot water, and a spray bottle.
  • Pour the lemongrass essential oil into the spray bottle.
  • Pour the hot water into the spray bottle and seal it.
  • Shake well and thoroughly to ensure that water and oil are properly mixed.
  • Spray all different possible entry points of your house like doors, windows, vents, etc.
  • If you’ve spotted a fly in your house, then you can also spray this directly on the body of the fly.


  1. Basil and other herbal plants to get rid of flies

Basil is one of the most beneficial herbal plants that we know of and has a wonderful fragrance, but to our luck, this plant isn’t the same for flies. Basil plants near doorways tend to keep the flies away from the house and they don’t like the fragrance of the plant. Apart from this, basil also keeps the environment healthy due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. if there is not enough space to put a basil plant, then you can just get some dry basil leaves and wrap those in a cheesecloth or muslin and hang it near the possible entry points of your house like doors, windows, etc.

Apart from basic, there are some other plants that are known for their insect repellent properties, and planting these can help you up to some extent in taking care of pest control management in your home. Below is a list of some of those plants.

  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Bay Leaf
  • Tansy
  • Mint
  • Rue
  • Wormwood
  • Marigold


  1. Milk-Sugar-Pepper Trap for Flies

There is no doubt in saying that summer flies love anything that is sweet, and in this natural method, we are going to use the same against them. This age-old recipe of making a sugary-milky trap for flies has always proven to work and contribute greatly to pest control.

How to make Fly Trap?

  • Please note that this is not a method that will keep the flies away from your home, this is for the flies that are present in your homes and now it is important to kick these uninvited guests out.
  • Get half litre milk, quarter cup sugar, and four tablespoons ground black pepper.
  • Pour the milk into a saucepan and add sugar and black pepper in it.
  • Allow the solution simmer or 10-15 minutes.
  • Now, take some shallow dishes like plates and pans and pour some amount of the mixture in each and every one of these.
  • Place these utensils in different parts of your house, and focus majorly on areas where the chance of the presence of the fly is higher.
  • The lethal solution that we have created will suffocate and drown them as soon as they land on it.


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These were some of the most popular and effective methods used for fly control and each one of these can be done easily at our homes. As we have already mentioned, flies come into your house during summer and can can prove to be one of the most dangerous of all the insects that are found in our homes as these sit on our food items and transfer different bacteria and viruses that are responsible for some of the most dangerous and lethal diseases known to humans.

The methods that we have mentioned in this blog can be used to avoid and even control the infestation of flies in our homes up to some extent, but in case the infestation has gone beyond your control, the best thing you can do is call the experts and allow them to take care of the situation.

The Pest and Termite Co. offer world-class pest control services to our clients in Gold Coast and Brisbane region. We believe in the complete satisfaction of our clients and understand the importance of keeping a family safe from various kinds of creepy crawlers and pests. The Pest and Termite Co. also offer a 24×7 helpline to make sure that we are there to take care of the situation even during emergencies. Our team of professionals is dedicated, and have years of experience working in the field of pest control management. We use world-class equipment and safety measures to make sure that your house is in perfect condition and healthy after every pest control treatment that we do. you can fill our online form and we will contact you within 3 hours.