Top 5 Methods to Avoid the Summer Flies

S ummer house flies are one of the most commonly found pests all over the world. From a total number of 1.2 million species of flies, summer house flies are most likely to infest your house and make your life quite miserable. It is not very hard to spot the infestation of common house flies…

Rodents and the Health Risk They Pose

R odents constitute to 40% of all the mammal species found in all the continents except Antarctica thereby making them the largest group of mammals. Rodents have been living on this planet for more than 56 million years now. Rats are also well known as hidden housemates. They have managed to set up their homes…

What Just Bit Me?

H aving your house infested with pests can be a nightmare, but having it infested with pests that bite is something unimaginable. These tiny creatures can bring major health and hygiene problems in your house and this makes it necessary to find a way to get of them. Apart from being the reason for common…

How to Keep Ants & Roaches Away Naturally

T here is more significance to the word ‘home’ than just a house made of wood and bricks. Home means a safe and happy space where we live and rejoice our time with our family. But when this happy space gets infested with pests like roaches and ants, it becomes difficult to ensure the safety…

We Know Everything About Safe Environment

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Pest & Termite Free Home

Insects that Can Make Screeching Noises

I nsects are one of the worst things that can happen to your house. There are so many species and types of these creepy crawlers that it becomes almost impossible to identify and look for the correct way to get rid of them. Australia being a country with diverse and some of the unique flora…

Minimize the Risk of Having Red Roaches

I nfestation is one of the worst things that can happen to our lovely homes, and it gets worse if the infestation is of red roaches. These creepy crawlers not only send a shiver down our spines but are also responsible for the spread of some of the most dangerous diseases known to humankind. It…

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