Bed Bug Pest Control Gold Coast

As per a recent survey performed by ecologists on the Australian grounds, a massive resurgence of bed bugs has been reported. About 4,500% of increase in bed bugs infestations has been recorded since 1999. Bed bugs are classified as the small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of sleeping animals. These blood-sucking insects have a long life span of about 6 months. They can easily survive and reproduce at normal room temperature for up to three months or more without having the need to feed on a host. The adults of this species are easily identifiable with their flat and oval body, but as soon as they are fed, their body gets swollen and elongated. 

If your living or working space in Brisbane or Gold coast is invaded by these bugs, then you findwill them in the crevices of your mattresses – lurking on the stitched edges, spreads, frames of the bed, skirting boards, furniture, cracks in plasters, holes around the walls or furniture. The Pest and Termite Co has got you covered with Bed Bug Pest Control Gold Coast. The bed bugs usually leave their trail with their cast-off skins, eggs, and faecal stains. The adult bugs can be spotted with the naked eye – pale red in colour. The smaller or young nymphal bugs are difficult to observe on any surface. These bugs when present in a huge count produce a ‘buggy’ odour. Some of these bugs develop a thick outer surface called ‘cuticle’ that makes them harder to kill. This makes them resistant against many general treatments as well. At this time it becomes really important to get them treated by Professionals at the first place so that your space in Gold Coast & Brisbane is Free from Bed Bugs.


Bed bug bites are commonly occur on warm blooded animals/humans on any exposed part of their body when they are sleeping. The bites from these bugs cause red and itchy spots on the skin that may sustain for days. Generally biting during the night, these red patches might feel itchy for 9-14 days. Different people show different kinds of reactions to these bug bites. Many of them experience allergies with large wheals, welts and swelling on the parts that have been bitten. This is the most common form of inflammation that has been reported in several cases. The least common or rare cases may suffer an anaphylactic shock due to hypersensitivity to allergies. The bites from bed bugs can be easily identified as they are ordered in rows, unlike the mosquito bites that are randomly patterned. Discomfort in sleeping is one of the other problems that many people face as a psychological effect of the presence of bed bugs. There are some cases where people do not contract these inflammations, while some may lose a lot of blood and become anemic. Some doctors also believe that the inflammations caused by bed bugs trigger allergic reactions and asthma in rare cases.

The type of bed bugs that you would encounter

  • Cimex lectularius: This is the most common species of bed bug that you would generally find in your homes or commercial spaces. These bugs are known for being adapted to temperate to moderate climates. Also, these bed bugs are the most widespread across the globe.
  • Cimex hemipterus: This is the tropical species of bed bugs that were brought along with the European colonials to Australia and we still haven’t gotten rid of them. This species prefers living in humid climates and temperatures. These bugs can become a serious fear for the backpackers traveling to tropical regions.

Both of the above-explained species look very much identical to each other. These bugs are nocturnal, resting through the day and hunting through the night. The warmth and carbon dioxide that we release while sleeping attracts them. They use their complex anatomical syringes to withdraw blood from the skin of a sleeping victim, thus explaining the ugly red rash. They are present in the new residencies as a common phenomenon by traveling inside the dormitories and apartment buildings. Once they set eyes on a suitable host, they are likely to harbor in very close proximity to the victim until they are finished feeding upon them.


We at Pest and Termite Co. work with a team of professionals who are trained to identify the bed bug infestations in every nook and corner of your living space that is located in Gold Coast & Brisbane. The professionals work dedicatedly towards the eradication of these bugs from your property as fast as they can. The team of skilled professionals and technicians is fully equipped to provide you with the safest and most accurate procedure for pest eradication. Our team is here to offer you expert advice and relevant quotes.


We are trained to identify the trail left by bed bugs that allows us to find them lurking around your property. We follow through procedures to locate them around seams, folds of mattresses, bed spreads, around the furniture, or inside the crack plate and holes.


The necessary steps we take while performing the pest control are sure to provide you with a long term pest control solution. We promise to protect your living spaces from the invasions of such nasty insects and bugs.


We come equipped with the required chemicals and solutions for a sustainable bed bug prevention treatment. Following the thorough inspection procedure, we apply and spray the pesticides, ensuring accurate and direct application on the targeted areas such as beddings, mattresses, cracks, and crevices.


Our pest manager works on the problem area, however, in order to make sure this problem doesn’t appear again, proper hygiene and cleanliness is to be maintained. The sheets to be changed at regular intervals, cleaning of the mattress to be done atleast twice a year, etc.
If the bed bug infestation is a problem that you are unable to deal with at your place in Brisbane or Gold Coast, then give us a call or get in touch with us. We are here to make sure that you do not have sleepless nights with discomfort anymore. Feel free to reach out to us at 0481 873 787 and we promise to contact you at the earliest or submit your details HERE.