Rodent Control Services Gold Coast

Australia has the largest number of rodent species. Rodents reproduce very quickly and soon enough their population can escalate. This is because of their small size, short breeding cycle and capacity to eat diversity of food. Rodents not only gnaw through things, they can also destroy the food items and supplies by excreting on them. They are distinguished by two sharp front teeth in the lower and upper jaws. Rats and mice are generally regarded as very adaptable, omnivorous scavengers. They are mostly nocturnal. Rats are creatures of habit, tending to use the same routes of travel to and from food sources for as long as possible. On the other hand, Mice often investigate new food sources within a short time after their appearance and they seem to prefer nibbling small amounts of food at different locations. To book your rodent control services Gold Coast, call us at 04818-73787 today.


  • Eating and contaminating the stored food items– Rats and Mice are responsible for huge losses of food in storage in SE QLD especially in Gold Coast & Brisbane. They drop faeces and urinate on kitchen surfaces and floors while move in and around stored foods which in result contaminates the stored food items.
  • Gnawing leading to physical damage – Rodents gnaw tirelessly to keep their teeth from growing too long and that can be the cause of serious damage to a range of materials. They may damage the doors, plastic items, upholstery, electrical wiring and parts of machinery.
  • Disease Transmission– Rats and mice pose a serious threat to human health. Rodents transmit a wide variety of diseases. Rats and mice can contaminate food items, utencils and kitchen surfaces through their droppings and urine. They can bite humans or transfer the diseases through pets.


  1. Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

Norway Rat, also known as Brown Rat, Common Rat or street rat, is the larger of the two pest rats in Australia. Their life span is between 9 and 18 months. It is brown or grey rodent weighing around 650grams. Its reproductive potential is very high. It is said the brown rat lives wherever humans live, particularly in urban areas. The brown Rat is a true omnivore and will eat almost anything. Norway Rats have acute hearing and they possess a very highly developed olfactory sense. They are usually active at night. They are good swimmers and can dig well and are capable of communicating via ultrasonic vocalizations. They infests warehouses, factories, flour mills, poultry farms, shops, supermarkets and many other locations that offer food and shelter to them in Brisbane & Gold Coast area.

  1. Roof Rat (Rattus rattus)

Roof rat is also known as the black rat or ship rat and is smaller than the common Norway rat and is of slighter build. Their life expectancy is around 12 months. Unlike other rat species, roof rats have good climbing ability and they can nest above ground in built up areas, roof voids and even in ships. Out of doors, they may nest among vines and trees, but they seldom burrow. They eat a variety of food items preferably meat scraps and high-protein foods and fruit materials. They will also chew through plastic and metal pipes to get to water which can then lead to structural damage of the houses/buildings located throughout Gold Coast & Brisbane.

  1. House mouse (Mus domesticus)

House mouse is a small mammal of all species of rodents. They have adapted very well to Australian environment. Their life span is approximately 12 months. Their pelt is short brown, grey or black hair on back. They are curious animals and can survive indoors or outdoors in close proximity to humans. Mice are usually nocturnal animals and have no or little color vision. They enter buildings or houses through openings as small as 6mm. The house mouse is omnivorous and can eat both plant and animal matter. Mice can transmit diseases to humans and other animals via biting, fleas, ticks, mites and droppings. Common diseases namely, salmonella, Hantavirus, plague, etc. are carried by mice.

Rodent Treatment Process Explained for Brisbane & Gold Coast Properties


Inspecting the premises carefully and looking out for signs of damage caused by gnawing, holes and droppings. Our technicians will analyse the nesting sites, environmental conditions and structure of your property.


Seal entry points, cracks, crevices and holes to prevent rodents from entering the premises. Remove rodent attractions such as food by ensuring food is securely stored and adjoining area is cleaned.


There are various rodent control methods which include using snap or electronic traps, placing bait stations with rodenticides & Sanitation and exclusion.


Rodents must be monitored regularly to keep them under control and to make sure they do not harm your health and property. Our Pest technician will advise you of timely inspection and maintaining the proper cleanliness of the premises.


Rodent infestations are usually treated using a combination of methods. Procedures may include the following:

  • Sanitation

This method of rodent control usually involves a though inspection of the premises and advising the client about hygiene and sanitation in relation to the infestation. The purpose is to reduce and eliminate the food and shelter which is available for rodent activity in your home or commercial property in Gold Coast & Brisbane.

  • Proofing

This method involves altering the building structurally so the rodents do not gain entry. This perhaps is the most permanent method of rodent control. It is necessary to seal the entry points that could allow entry of rodents. These should be blocked using only sturdy and durable materials such as cast-iron grills or concrete mixes.

  • Trapping

A variety of traps are available in the market for use. Traps for catching mice are different from catching rats. It is important that the type of rodent is identified so a proper trap can be used. Several traps should be used at one time and they shouldn’t be set near food preparation areas. They can be set with bacon, fish, meat, bread or peanut butter.

  • Chemical Control

This method covers a wide variety of techniques which includes baiting and use of tracking powders and gel. This is the most effective way of getting rid of unwanted rodents from your house or commercial property located in Gold Coast & Brisbane. If you need further information or would like to book a service, please click here.