Commercial Pest Control Services Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Looking for a Pest control service for a Restaurant, Café, School, Hospital, aged care facility or a commercial property? We cater to the needs and requirements of businesses of all shapes and sizes across SE QLD area (Primarily Gold Coast & Brisbane). Our technicians are trained, qualified and well equipped to take care of pest control needs for your commercial property.

We understand the needs and requirements of each commercial property in Gold Coast & Brisbane area, and we are fully aware that every site needs a tailor-made plan that will give them long- lasting protection from pests. We know that Commercial pest control is very different to residential pest control as your businesses’ reputation is on the line, that’s why we understand and implement a strategy that gives you the best results with minimal disturbance.

It is a daunting task to find out the right company for any product or service these days. Be it buying a Car through a dealership, getting a home loan, Finding a reliable electrician or a Pest control service. So, we have spent countless hours to better understand our clients and providing them the best possible service and we have our USP’s mentioned below which makes us unique

1 Compliance: We take this very seriously and only used Licensed chemicals for the job so that you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. Our technicians are fully licensed by the department of Health. Our services are fully insured for you complete peace of mind. Upon completion of the service a Log book file is left in the premises and a soft copy is sent via email for future correspondence if the need arises.

2 Flexibility: This is one of the key factors that our clients love about us. We service a lot of properties after hours so that the routine business activities are not disturbed, and everyone is happy. We also provide weekend service where it is not possible to service the premises during the normal business hours.

3 Tailor-made Solutions: When it comes to commercial pest control there is no” ONE SIZE FITS ALL SITUATION” so we make sure that the plan is formulated in accordance to “ YOUR NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS” as the right service is performed every single time. We personalized service to all our clients.

 After service support: We take pride in customer service and provide after service support in case you have faced an issue after the service has been completed, get in touch with us and we will be glad to assist in every way we can. Also, we believe in providing quality service and maintain our relationship with the clients.

Pest Control for Cafés, Restaurants & Food Production facilities

Cafes, Restaurants and Food production facilities need to follow the strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness to make sure that there are not health issues to the people who consume or come to visit these premises. We understand the needs and requirements of the pest management in the commercial places throughout Brisbane and our Team works closely with the Food Safety Managers to ensure that Integrated Pest Management Plans(IPM) is in place.

IPM simply means combining chemical and non-chemical methods for providing solutions to the pest problems that commonly arise in these type of premises. IPM requires as coordinated effort from the Client as well as our team to achieve long term effective pest control. Below are some of the key highlights that form the part of Integrated Pest Management(IPM) Plan.

1. Action Thresholds Times: This means a point where the environmental conditions indicate that action must be taken before the pest issues become a threat. Seeing an odd pest does not necessarily means that action is require every single time.
2. Monitor, Identify and Treat Pests: Monitoring and Identifying different pests helps IPM practitioners to decide the plan of action once the threshold times have been reached. A lot of pests are harmless and often are not required to be controlled. In this type of scenario monitoring plays an important role so that it can be decided within due course of time whether pesticide or other strategies will be more effective in the control of pests.
3. Prevent Pests from becoming a threat: Regular treatments/ monitoring at regular intervals ensures that pests are being treated promptly and correctly before they become a problem.


We at The Pest and Termite CO fully understand the need for and importance of pest control in schools. Nobody wants their children to encounter any pest issue whilst they are in school. At the same time, no staff member/ Contractor/ visitor wants to have an unpleasant experience by encountering a pest while in school.

We understand that pests can not only spread harmful diseases but also damage books and other building structures so it is very important to provide an Integrated Pest Management(IPM) for schools so that pests can be kept away in the longer run.

Our technicians are well trained and adhere to strict safety and compliance measures while performing the services in school providing minimal/ no disturbance to kids and staff members. We also provide Onsite records which have all the details of our visits. Often we get asked:

Is the Treatment Safe for the kids?
Chemicals have evolved over years, and they have low toxicity and are safe to be used in the areas where kids come often. The majority of the time we are providing service outside schools hours so that parents, teachers, and students can be assured that they are not getting harmed in any way because of the pest control service whilst it is getting done.


By nature Healthcare facilities are busy places especially hospitals and it is difficult to control prevent various common pests as they can find a lot of conducive conditions for their harbourage in Gold Coast and Brisbane hospitals and care facilities. In Healthcare environment the biggest threat lies in cross contamination. Hygiene also plays a vital role in making sure that these places are pest free at all times.
Keeping in mind the health of the patients and all the staff and visitors that come to these places quite often it is of paramount importance that an Integrated Pest management Approach(IPM) should be followed while treating these types of premises. In simple terms, IPM means combining chemical and non-chemical methods to solve the pest problems in Hospitals across Brisbane and Gold Coast. We cannot rely solely on chemicals and leave issues like cleanliness, hygiene, and waste management behind if we want to get the desired results and provide long-term solutions to pest problems.

Our technicians have got extensive experience in the treatment of these types of places across Brisbane and Gold Coast. We inspect the premises and then create a custom tailor-made plan for the site that will suit the needs and requirements in the best possible way. If you want a no-obligation pest plan assessment(OF YOUR CURRENT PLAN) or are looking for a company that will not treat you like a number, CONTACT US today we will be glad to assist.

At The Pest and Termite CO, we completely understand that the needs and requirements of every single premise is different and that is the reason we plan and execute the Pest management plan for each site differently. The icing on the cake is we do not treat the clients just as a number and work with their schedule and preferences so that the control can be achieved without minimal disturbance. So, if you are looking for a complete and fully integrated Pest Control Service for your commercial property across Brisbane and Gold Coast, get in touch with us today. You will be glad that you did.



We will inspect the commerical property and advise about findings and plan of action.


Our technicians will advise about the treatment options and processes that will protect the property from pests in the long run and will give you complete peace of mind.


Treatment is done to the highest standard using only Licensed chemicals.


Once the treatment has been done an onsite file is maintained which has all the details along with the relevant documentation for future reference.