Did you know that Australia is a natural habitat for about 2,000 identified spider species? Many of them happen to invade our living spaces to create one of their own. Thus explaining all the recent cases of spider bites that you might have heard about. Most species that you might come across are harmless and not very aggressive. They might bite if touched, threatened, or frightened. The venomous bite can cause inflicting pain for some time and in rare cases, it can get pretty serious too. The most common types of Australian spiders that give venous bites include a variety of Funnel-web, Mouse, Red Back, and White Tail spiders. Young children and the elderly are at increased risk of getting bitten with severe injuries. But, you can get it in control with professional help from The Pest and Termite Co.

Spiders are different than the other insect species you may find at your home. They are attracted to dark, gloomy, warm, and tiny corners. You might find them weaving their web in spaces like cracks, corners, air vents, and on the sides of the furniture. Many species reside in your gardens, backyards, and pools. So, there are cent percent chances that you might not be able to catch hold of them in every nook and corner or you would not be able to get rid of them permanently. Therefore, you need a professional to complete this quest for you.


The Pest and Termite Co. work with a team of professional technicians who are trained to identify the spider infestations, dangerous and venomous varieties, and the reason for their invasions. The professionals work dedicatedly towards the eradication of the spiders from your property as fast as they can.

We at The Pest and Termite Co. have a team of skilled professionals and technicians who are trained to provide you with the safest and most accurate procedure for the pest eradication. Our team is here to offer you expert advice and relevant quotes.

  • Experienced Professionals: We know how to keep your home or commercial buildings protected. With our expertise and experience in pest policing, we want you to be assured that we are going to get you rid of spiders within no time.
  • Trained Team: Once you have contacted us, our team of skilled professionals would reach out to you immediately. They not only control the breeding of the spiders but also detect the root cause of the seldom encounters of these insects. They will be addressing all your concerns with utmost patience and provide you with the necessary feedback and resolutions.
  • Licensed Services: You need to rest assured that the process of spider control in your living spaces will be carried out by licensed technicians. We believe in strictly adhering to the stringent Australian standards. Also, we use the highest quality chemicals and advanced technology for the best possible treatment.
  • Safe Treatment: We at The Pest and Termite Co. make sure that we handle things with utmost care. Our professionals make sure that they do not intervene or disturb your routine while working. All the procedures that we follow are very safely carried out.


We will inspect the property and identify the target areas before starting the treatment.


Treatment is done to the highest possible standards in a safe and effective manner to provide long term protection.


Preventative measures are discussed with the client which is a part of integreated pest management approch to provide long-term results.


Maintenance tips are also shared with the customers as they help in giving long lasting results.

Some indicators will help you to conclude that your property has been invaded by the spiders:

  • Presence of other pests: If you have been coming across a swarm of flies and other insects at your property then there is a high chance that the intruding spider is feeding on them.
  • Cracks and crevices: Entering into your living spaces through small crack holes and crevices is the most common route for their invasion. The properties with a wooden framework and a garden area are more prone to the spider attacks due to providing them with a natural habitat to grow and breed. Also, spiders are lured into weaving a web at the places that are damp and dark for examples in basements, or gutters. They can also be found in dry, warm areas around your property.
  • We as professional pest controllers follow the procedures for a thorough inspection. Our personnel has expertise in identifying the places of spider infestations – in the corner of the windows, behind the curtains, on the high sealing walls, around potted plants, ceiling voids, around the furniture in the backyard or garden, gutter lines, and much more. No matter how dangerous the species of the spider can be, our professional team promises to get your space rid of them. Sometimes using the chemicals or disinfectant doesn’t give a long-term solution and that is when our role comes into play. There are different mechanisms and barrier procedures that we follow because each species act differently to the methods that we use. For example; the funnel webs can be dissolved with less intense treatment, but the difficult ones like redbacks cannot be handled with the same kind of method. Thus, our team is fully equipped with gears, technology, and supplies to make this spider policing faster and more effective.

    For more advanced treatment, we have been employing a variety of methods like –

    • Dusting the roof voids and cracked surfaces with insecticides and other effective chemicals that destroy the habitat of the spider rendering their growth and breeding.
    • Sealing the internal cracks, crevices, and harborage areas to make sure that the invasion doesn’t happen again.
    • We have also been using chemical sprays for disinfecting the external house walls, window frames, doors, lines.

    If your property is being invaded by these tiny troubling creatures that make co-existing pretty uncomfortable for you, then you must give us a call and we will be happy to serve you. We promise to get your living space free from the grip of these ugly spiders. Feel free to contact us for an expert opinion or advice and rest assured to get a quick response with fully drawn attention to your problems. The Pest and Termites Co. is here to make pest control easier and quicker for you in every way possible.