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Belonging to the family of flies called Culicidae, Mosquitoes are the blood-sucking insects – wide known as one of the most infectious insects that exist. There are around 300 different species of mosquitoes worldwide, with around 30 species transmitting diseases across Australia. These blood-sucking flies spread various diseases including Dengue fever, Malaria, Australian encephalitis, Ross River virus disease and Barmah Forest virus. In Brisbane and Gold Coast their bredding season is in Summer months so it is of paramount importance to get them professionaly treated at the first place.

With over 3500 species of mosquitoes, Australia hosts around 300 mosquitoes – spreading serious illness across the nation. While most of these species are rare to detect, some of them prefer feeding on animals over human skin. Out of the hundreds of species, around 50 species are held responsible for transmitting severe diseases that can cost lives, at times. 

As per the stats, Australia has witnessed a rapid growth in mosquito-borne diseases in part few years. With almost 2000+ cases reported for mosquito infected diseases a few years back, Australia has seen an immense set back with the attack of these bloodsuckers. The alarming stats and the climatic changes highlight the urgent need for pest control for mosquitoes in your households as well as the surrounding. Book your Gold Coast mosquitoes control services by calling us at 04818-73787 today.

These tiny buzzing insects can transmit various diseases that include – Ross River, Barmah Forest, and Murray Valley encephalitis viruses. They are also well-known for spreading dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and Zika infections. This specie of mosquitoes can infect a person with severe viruses that can prove to be dangerous. These infections have resulted in claiming a hundred and thousands of lives, creating a strong impact every time. 

Gold Coast Mosquitoes Control Services

Australia, however, has a few species that can carry infections from one person to the other. Among them all, here are 5 of the most common mosquitoes found in Australia.

Aedes Aegypti

Often found in Queensland, Australia, this specie of mosquito is renowned for spreading dengue viruses. Also known as a major nuisance biter, this mosquito has a long spike and lower body with spikes (bushes) all over its antenna and head. 

They have conspicuous white marking and banded legs. It has black proboscis with hind legs and scaled wings. The two central stripes on the body of these mosquitoes contrast with the covering of the narrow dark scales. 

This specie of mosquito prefers biting around in shaded areas at day time, with some night duty to perform occasionally. 

Aedes Camptorhynchus

A commonly collectible species, Aedes Camptorhynchus are medium-sized mosquitoes with the darkish appearance and banded legs. They have extensively mottled proboscis and an abstract scutum with narrow golden scales. 

The female mosquito had dark scaled wings with hind legs with median black patches. The species are often found in areas but can also occur in inland riverine areas with the brackish influence. The human biter can transmit some serious diseases like Ross River, Murray Valley encephalitis virus. 

The bloodsuckers are amongst the most dangerous species, attacking human, animals, and even birds throughout the day. These bloodsuckers do not feed at a particular time, feasting blood at any hour of the day. 

Aedes Alternans

These species include large-sized mosquitoes with a shaggy appearance. They have scales with mixtures of different colours like white, cream, orange, and brown. 

They have palps up to 2/3 length if proboscis – darker at the tip and base and pale at the mid-section. The adult females are popularly known as the biters if humans and animals – feeding their blood day and night. These mosquitoes are large as compared to the others, which makes them noticeable. 

This pest often carries Ross River disease and other dangerous diseases that can be threatening for human lives.  

Aedes Vigilax

The mid-sized mosquitoes, these species are amongst the vicious biters of human and animal blood – all day. These pests often appear in the summertime or autumn season, spreading the viruses like Murray Valley encephalitis and river ross. 

These mosquitoes have a dark appearance with banded legs. They have proboscis with pale scaling on the basal. Their scutum has dark bronze and golden scales that make them look different than other species. They have hind legs with femur and tibia mottled and sub-apical patches. 

They can disperse up to 100 km from their breeding habitat and move in bunches. These mosquitoes are mostly found in the western parts of Australia. 

Aedes Theobaldi

These are mid-sized mosquito species that carry vicious viruses like Murray Valley encephalitis virus and Ross River with them. These mosquitoes can disperse up to 100s of kilometres with a large population of the larva. They often flow the rains and are attracted to places with water blockage and containment.

They also have a mottled dark appearance with dark scale proboscis with a pale area of the underside. Its scutum is covered with golden and dark narrow scales. The wings are covered with extensive mottling if broad pale scales. 

This specie is active in the spring season and finds their home on places with natural flooding or irrigation (that helps them promotes an egg hatch). They attack both humans and animals, feasting their blood all the time in a day. 

4 STEPS TO HELP YOU WITH mosquitos in Gold coast & Brisbane

Learning about a few species of mosquitoes, we understand how dangerous they can be for us. We are here to help you with your mosquito problems that your face in your Gold Coast or Brisbane home. We are dedicated to helping you keep your surrounding safe. We offer professional services to help you eradicate the mosquitos from your households or business properties. 

Our team of highly skilled and trained experts strike to deliver a surpassing performance, ensuring exceptional customer service.

Our process includes 4 steps that are performed with precision to ensure safe and pest-free surroundings in Gold Coast & Brisbane.



Before we choose the right method for removing the mosquitos, we thoroughly scan and inspect the property and then choose the best possible way of eradicating them. We analyse the potential risks involved to make sure our method gives maximum results.


We choose the accurate method to remove the pests from your homes or commercial spaces. We take care that none of our method cause harm or allergic reactions to anyone.


We make sure that our services do not confide to the treatment of the targeted pest. We also advise about the preventative measures to avoid future infestations.


We extend our reliable services to assist you with uttermost efficiency throughout the process. Making sure your home does not have a mosquito breeding ground right outside will greatly reduce the number of mosquitos that make it inside.

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