Insects that Can Make Screeching Noises


nsects are one of the worst things that can happen to your house. There are so many species and types of these creepy crawlers that it becomes almost impossible to identify and look for the correct way to get rid of them. Australia being a country with diverse and some of the unique flora and fauna in the whole world has innumerable insects. Many of these can be found in our houses as well, and if the infestation isn’t controlled on time, then it can lead to difficult living conditions in the house and probable danger to the family.

The infestation has many consequences. Some of the insects that are found in Australian households and in areas surrounding Brisbane and Brisbane itself, make unbearable screeching noises that make it difficult to work or do anything at all in the house. If unfortunately, your house gets infested with these insects, the best thing you can do is call pest control professionals and allow them to help you get rid of these creepy crawlers.

If you have identified infestation in your house, or you are hearing unexplainable screeching noises then The Pest and Termite Co can help you get rid of these insects. If you are looking for pest control services in Brisbane or pest control on the Gold Coast, then we offer you 24×7 emergency services to guarantee the safety of your family.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the insects that are found in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region and help you identify these so that you can call the experts and get rid of them as soon as possible.


  1. Cicadas

These little devils are the loudest of all the insects found in the region and these are everywhere in the country. There are as many as 200 species of Cicadas found in Australia, and all of them produce a screeching noise that is not so good for the ears. The interesting thing about Cicadas is that most of the time they sing in chorus, which makes it difficult to spot where they are located in the house. This works as a defence mechanism for Cicadas and makes them a difficult prey for their predators, and more difficult for humans to spot the location of the infestation in the house.

Most of the Cicadas live underground and come out only during some part of the year. But when they do come out, the numbers become overwhelming and that’s when the infestation starts. The Pest and Termite Company is the one-stop destination to ensure that your house is free of every possible infestation and you and your family lead a safe and peaceful life. If you are hearing a screeching noise in your that you are failing to locate, then our experts at The Pest and Termite Co are there to help you.

  1. Flies

One of the most common and irritating of all the insects that are found in common households are flies. There are hundreds of species of flies found in homes, and almost all of these are noisy. Imagine watching your favourite television show with your family and then a fly comes to disturb you. This the most irritating thing that usually happens when there is a fly infestation in your homes. Flies make even a small task very difficult and annoying for us and some of them are not only irritating but dangerous as well. Flies are responsible for propagating some of the most dangerous diseases known to humans that can cause major health problems.

There are as many as 30,000 species of flies in Australia and all of these are annoying. As if this was not enough, a large chunk of these is also capable of biting humans and making their life more than miserable. You can use different types of pesticides for pest control, but if the infestation has gone beyond your control, it is best to call the experts to take control and that’s exactly when you need to call The Pest and Termite Co.

  1. Crickets

Crickets are one of the noisiest and disturbing of all the insects that are found in the world. Listening to the sound of cricket while taking a walk in the park is one thing, but having some of these in your house, making screeching noises is another. Crickets are often romanticised by some people, but opinions change as soon as an infestation is spotted in the house. Males make the high pitch sound to attract the females and the sound itself is called cricket. Crickets generally come out during summers and when they rub their front wings together, the chirping sound is amplified and comes to our ears as a shrilling noise. A very interesting fact about crickets is that the number of sounds they produce in fifteen seconds can be used to determine the temperature on that particular day. This makes crickets the natural weather forecaster.

Crickets are found in every part of the country and are generally harmless. But, the noise they produce can be really disturbing to the family and become the reason behind sleepless nights and messed up work schedules. So, if your house is infested by crickets and it is becoming hard to focus on your work and get proper sleep due to the constant noise that is coming out of your window, then it means that it is the time to call the experts and allow them to bring an end to the noise. The Pest and Termite Co offers 24×7 emergency help and protection against all kinds of pests and insects. Our team of professionals is highly trained with years of experience in the field. We make sure that you are your family are always protected and are not disturbed by any kind of pest.

  1. Bees

Bees are also a part of the list of the noisy insect and all of us know the reason behind it. Bees are famous for their honey and bite, and they are found all over the world. All of us are also familiar with the Bee Buzz, which is a sound that comes out when bees zoom near our years or overhead looking for a flower to eat from. Bees live in large hives, and these hives can contain thousands of bees at a time. Looking at a bee give from a distance is okay, but having a beehive is not only disturbing but can also prove to be extremely dangerous as bees are known to attack humans and causing serious harm. A special species of bee called the bumblebee also vibrates their bodies when they move and this contributes to the sound that is produced by them. The reason behind this is that this helps them shake the pollen off while munching on a flower.

Having one’s house infested with bees can prove to be very disturbing, especially if there is a hive somewhere in your house. Hives are a source of great noise and prove to be very distracting. If someone in your house is allergic, then bee bites can prove to be very dangerous for that person. There are numerous reasons to support the argument that bees belong only in the forest and if you’ve located a hive in your house, then it means that it is the time to call up the experts to deal with the problem. The Pest and Termite Co is dedicated to providing our clients with world class service and protection against different kinds of pests. We understand the dangers of a pest infestation and hence we are here to help you ensure the safety and good health of your family.

  1. Katydids

Katydids are a master of disguise and one of the most common insects that are found in yards of common households. Katydids are harmless, but the sound that they produce can cause quite a disturbance in your work and study schedule. The noise produced by Katydids is also known as the Song of Katydids, but this song is not always sweet to the ears. The noise produced by Katydids is like a static resonance that feels shrilling to human ears after a while. Just like crickets, katydids produce this song on a broadband level by rubbing their forewings together. The sound that comes out due to this rubbing of wings is compared to “Katy did, Katy didn’t” which is used to name this insect.

If your house or yard is infested by this noisy insect, then chances are that you are fed up with the constant sound by now. There is no way to track and catch these insects on your own unless you are willing to dedicate a major chunk of your night to your yard. The best thing you can do in a situation like these is to call a pest control company to take care of the situation and help you lead a not so disturbing life in your house. The Pest and Termite Co offers its services in Gold Coast and Brisbane area and we ensure that your house remains pest free and every pest control management requirement is taken care of.

  1. Longhorned Beetles

This is the final and the noisiest of all the insects that we have discussed in this blog. Longhorned Beetles live on a diet of hardwood and the sound that they produce can be very disturbing and distracting making it impossible to focus on one’s work or studies. Longhorned Beetles produce the sound by scraping the ridges of their heads against their bodies. The sound that comes out due to this is very creepy and screeching, static like squeaking. For some people, this sound is like nails on a chalkboard which is very disturbing. Longhorned beetles use this as a defence mechanism.

Having one’s house infested with an insect like this can be a nightmare, that is hard to come out of. Longhorned Beetles infestation is very common in Australian households and if there is one in your house, and you don’t want to listen to the nail of a board sound up close then it means that this is the time to call the experts to help you with pest control management. The Pest and Termite Co offers round the clock emergency pest control services in Brisbane and pest control in Gold Coast. We understand the importance of family time and we are here to ensure that your time with your family is not disturbed by an insect screeching outside the window.


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The infestation has many consequences, starting from simple unhygienic living conditions to dangers of a bite. Australia has one of the most diverse and enormous flora and fauna in the whole world, and there are thousands of species of them.  The same goes in the case of insects. The Pest and Termite CO was started to bring an end to pest infestation in Australian households by providing best in the world services by professionals who are trained and have years of experience of working in the field.

The Pest and Termite CO offers a 24×7 helpline that you can use to call us in case there is an emergency that needs to be taken care of. Apart from homes, we also offer our services in restaurants and offices. The Pest and Termite CO believe in complete prevention, so we also offer our clients instructions on safety measures to ensure the safety of their families and employees.

Apart from everything that we do, we also offer a peace of mind Guarantee*(Terms apply) after every pest treatment that we do to make sure that our clients remain tension free and safe for a long period of time.

The insects that we talked about in this blog can be found near almost every household in Australia. The sound can be bearable sometimes, but for the majority of people who are working from home, or kids who are studying in their rooms, this can a really disturbing sound and can cause major distractions. So, you think that your house is infested by one of these creepy crawlers, then the best you can do right now is ring us on 04818PESTS(73787) or CLICK HERE.