What Just Bit Me?


aving your house infested with pests can be a nightmare, but having it infested with pests that bite is something unimaginable. These tiny creatures can bring major health and hygiene problems in your house and this makes it necessary to find a way to get of them.

Apart from being the reason for common nuisance, some of the pests that are found in common households are extremely dangerous – their venomous bite can cause life-threatening diseases like Anthrax, Cholera, Food poisoning, Dysentery, etc. In order to keep yourself and the family safe and healthy, it is necessary to get rid of these dangerous pests and insects at the earliest.

In this blog, we are going to review some of the pests that are found in common household and are capable of biting. Let’s try to know more about these pests to make ourselves capable of identifying them and getting rid of them, making our living spaces non-accessible to them. Given below is a list of some of the pests that are found in the household and are capable of biting.


One of the most common and annoying types of pest are bedbugs. Exceedingly small, as small as an apple seed, and have a reddish-brown colour. In most cases, people unknowingly bring bedbugs in their house with some new furniture after staying in a hotel. These little vampires feed on human blood and generally bite when we are sleeping. The most problematic aspect of a bedbug bite is that you won’t feel the bite instantly because while biting, these creatures also release some kind of anaesthetic that makes it difficult for the person to notice the bite and allows the bug to feed for a long time. These bites are rarely dangerous but for the people who are allergic, these can cause serious health issues. It is necessary to spot the symptoms of a bedbug bite and get the remedy to avoid long-lasting irritation and health issues.


Now, you know what bedbugs look like and the harm they are capable of causing to our everyday routine, it becomes primordial to identify some of the symptoms of a bedbug bite to seek immediate medical help and avoid long-lasting inconvenience to for yourself and your family.

As we have already mentioned, the anaesthetic released by the bed bug makes it difficult for the person to spot the bite right away. Sometimes the symptoms appear days after the bedbug bite and when they do, it is important to seek some remedies. A single bedbug bite is noticeably red and swollen and causes itching and discomfort, in case of multiple bedbug bites, these come in the form of a cluster or a line in a part of your body. These are very itchy and cause a burning sensation that becomes unbearable for some people. For people with allergies, it is advised to seek immediate medical help to avoid any kind of misfortune.


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There are some places where you can look to confirm the presence of bedbugs in your home. Bedbugs often hide in places like mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboards, pillows and bedding, curtains, clothes, etc. By examining closely, chances are high that you will be able to spot bedbugs or some signs of their existence like drops of blood or small black dots. When you spot these, it is advised to immediately seek help from a pest control company to avoid further inconvenience and get rid of these.


Second in our list is a type of pest that is majorly found in households with pets. Fleas enter your home generally through pets and prove to be an infestation that is very difficult to treat. These pests feed on human and animal blood and cause tiny dots that itch and burn and turn out to be very irritating. A full-grown flea is generally found on the fur of your pet, and from there they start their journey of infesting your household. These lay eggs in the animal’s fur and as the pet moves around in your house, it drops these eggs at different places and objects like carpets, cushions, beddings, blankets, etc. To protect themselves from insecticides, the larvae enter the cocoon, and this is what makes it difficult to treat flea infestations. The worst thing about fleas is that they reproduce more quickly than most pests and this allows them to spread in the house at an exceedingly high rate. Just because you don’t have a pet, doesn’t mean that your house is not at risk of a flea infestation. Yards and gardens can also play the perfect role for these pests and once they do, it becomes almost impossible to get rid of these creatures without proper professional treatment.


Fortunately, it is quite easy to spot the symptoms of a fleabite as they appear quickly after the bite. Some of the most common symptoms of a fleabite are itching, red, sour, and painful skin around the area that is bitten, hives, rashes, and burning sensation. It is advised not to scratch the area of the bite no matter how much you want to because it scratching may cause bacterial infection in the area of the bite which is a different and more severe problem in itself. Also, it is advised to monitor the area of the bite to spot any sign of bacterial infection like blisters of a rash.


As we have already mentioned that it is not difficult to spot the signs of flea infestation in one’s house. If you have confirmed the infestation, then it means you need to take do something about it soon enough. For pets, it is advised to bathe them with anti-flea shampoos that are easily available in the market. In case the problem persists, it is advised to take them to the vet to get further treatment. In humans, fleabites wear off naturally within a couple of days, but it is advised to take some medicines in case the person has allergies.

In the case of the house, it is almost impossible to treat flea infestation without getting professional help from a pest treatment company and treating every possible place and object of infestation with insecticides.


There is a belief that flies are not as dangerous as other pests because they do not bite. This belief is partially true, because generally, common flies do not bite, but there are some other types of flies that can hurt you and your family by biting and cause some serious problems. A typical housefly only annoys, but there are other types like horseflies and deerflies that are known to bite. If you live near a water body or livestock, then chances of horsefly and deerfly infestation in your home are remarkably high. The larvae of these flies grow in the dirt around lakes and ponds and they feast on livestock like cows and horses. Horsefly bite in Australia is quite common and they leave behind red and raised bumps. It is also observed that the flesh around the part that is bitten swells and hurts. These flies are larger in comparison to houseflies and are darken in colour with large, prominent eyes. Deer flies are one of the most dangerous kinds of flies as they transfer rabbit fever which brings many problems and makes it impossible for the person to go through their day to day routine.


There are almost 120,000 different species of flies and most of these feed on animal blood. In the case of a fly bite, the person who is bitten develops different kinds of symptoms very soon after the bite and in most cases, it is advised to get immediate medical attention. Some common symptoms include swelling in the area that is bitten, blisters, fever, red painful bumps, ulcers, etc. In the case of deer fly, the symptoms can include extreme headaches, high fever, and many more. Since deer fly cases rabbit fever, it is advised to see a doctor as soon as possible because it can be fatal.


In the case of infestation, it is advised to take immediate and proper measures as soon as possible to avoid any sort of long-term inconvenience for yourself and your family. Since flies are small, it is impossible to hunt every fly that is in your house. It is advised to immediately call a pest treatment company and get your house treated as soon as possible. If you have a yard of a garden, make sure that area is treated as well. Also, ensure that there is no open freshwater body near your house because it serves as the breeding ground for these flies and turns out to be very problematic for the people living around the water body.


The most common and the most irritating of all the pests that are found in a common household is the mosquito. These not only invade your homes and make your nights irritating by biting, but also transmit some of the most dangerous diseases that we know of. Mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting diseases like dengue, malaria, yellow fever, and many more. The thing about mosquitoes that makes them one of the most dangerous types of pests is their high rate of reproduction and the number that they are found in. Once your house is infested with these tiny devils, it becomes exceedingly difficult to mark and end to the infestation. A mosquito bites and sucks the blood from the human and animal body and leaves a red bump that itches. The main problem is not the bump of the itching; the main problem is the diseases that they generally carry. Some of these diseases are fatal if proper treatment is not provided to the person after the bite. Freshwater lakes, rivers, ponds, puddles, and other places where there is freshwater, prove to be the breeding ground of this pest.


As we have already mentioned, mosquitoes are responsible for some of the most dangerous diseases that we know of, but weirdly, their bite feels like a simple prick of a needle. After sucking your blood, this pest leaves behind a small red bump that itches. But, in case the mosquito that bit you was carrying some disease like dengue, malaria, or yellow fever, then it is observed that common symptoms like fatigue and high fever start appearing within a day or sometimes within a couple of hours. It is advised to seek immediate medical help to avoid any kind of misfortune.


Getting rid of mosquitoes is not an easy task once your house is infested with them. As we have already mentioned, mosquitoes are found in great numbers and they reproduce very quickly. If your house has a mild infestation, then it is advised to use insecticides that are formulated especially for the treatment of mosquitoes, if that doesn’t help, then one should take immediate help from a pest treatment company to avoid further harm to the people living in the house. One thing that you can do to avoid such infestations is that make sure there is no still freshwater near your house.

These were some of the most common yet dangerous pests that are found in households and can bite and cause direct harm to us. If you think that your house is infested with any kind of pest or termite, then we, The Pest and Termite Company are here to offer you our services and ensure that your lovely home is free from all kinds of pests and insects. We are here to ensure that you are your family are always protected from these tiny evils creatures and you live in a happy and safe household.