Common Causes Of Rodent Infestation


omes across Gold coast & Brisbane are always at the risk of rodent infestations. They usually come at night and when you notice the signs of the infestations the problem is already widespread. Rodent damages are expensive, and they spread over 35 diseases in human beings directly or indirectly. In this article we will talk about How rodents spread diseases, What can be done at a property to keep the rodents away, what to do if you have an infestation in your home in Gold coast & Brisbane.

How Rodents Spread Diseases: It is not uncommon for the Homeowners in SE QLD area especially in Gold Coast and Brisbane to encounter rodent issues at their place, especially in winter months. Rodents start to look for warmer places in winter months and this the time when the infestations become quite high. Below are some of the ways in which they spread diseases:

  • Eating food or drinking water that is contaminated with Rat urine.
  • Getting in contact with the rats directly such as rat bites or while disposing off a dead one.
  • Breathing in the dust that contains urine and faeces of rats.
  • Bites from rodents.
  • Handling of infected rodents

Their infestations spread a wide variety of diseases such as Asthma, Hantavirus, Typhus, Trench fever to name a few. They are mostly nocturnal which means a lot of times they are attacking gold coast and Brisbane home unnoticed and the by the time activity becomes visible the damage has already been done. Rats mostly follow ahabit which means they will use the same routes for coming in and out and mice on the other hand look for new food sources which means they keep changing their places.

People often wonder what the reason behind rodents getting access to my home? If we talk about how they make an entry to your Brisbane or Gold coast home at the first place it is very important to understand what they need to gain access to your home. Two main things that are needed for their survival areFOOD and SHELTER. Let’s talk about them one by one.

  1. FOOD: If you have food scattered all around the home, food packets lying all around the house or there are bins that have food are not outside especially during the night time, it will attract them. They also feed themselves on bird feeds, fruit and nuts that fall from trees. Another thing to note is that they are omnivores creatures which means they eat meat as well. Their diet consists of nuts, plants, Fruits & berries, grains & seeds, Meat, Garbage and Trash.Basically, they can eat anything that is available to them, and they also have huge appetites which means they can eat up to 20 TIMES A DAY. If you have a bird cage in the outside area and there is food scattered around it, they will eat that too.
  1. SHELTER: Rats and mice also look for shelter in the winter months in the gold coast and Brisbane area and that is the reason we see an influx in the rodent bookings in the winter months. In order to save themselves from the cooler climate conditions they start to look out for warmer places. Roof provides a warm, quiet and sheltered location for rodents to hide, sleep and nest. Garage is the also one of the spots where these creatures love to nest. Laundry & Kitchen area also work out to be a shelter place for rodents as those areas have holes and they only need smaller holes (as small as 2cm)to gain access. Kitchen is the prime location that they target because that place has food, water and shelter all at one spot and it becomes the perfect breeding ground for them.

Now that we are aware that they need food and shelter to survive and they are mostly active during the winter months, now the question arises what can be done to control them? A control strategy should be made and implemented using a mix of chemical and non-chemical methods to achieve best results.


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  • Make sure that the garage door seals properly.
  • Avoid keeping cardboard boxes or fabric items in the garage area as they nest behind them.
  • Always keep the food items in the sealed containers.
  • Remove water sources from the kitchen.
  • Make sure that there is no rubbish in the kitchen especially during night times.
  • Fix any leaking pipes or door mesh that is broken.


  • Rodent attractant paste: They are primarily applied at the bait stations to lure them to come into the station and get poisoned.
  • Rodenticide(s): A wide variety of rodenticide blocks are available to control rodents. Always use a professional pest control company to perform this service as they are professional, and they know what combinations of rodenticides will be most useful in controlling rodent infestation from your gold coast & Brisbane home.
  • Throw Packs: They are primarily placed in hard-to-reach areas especially in roof along with the bait stations and are monitored regularly to check the activity.
  • Rodenticide Powders: They are applied by licensed applicators where the bait consumption is poor, and results are not as expected. It is important to note that they should be used very carefully as the contaminate the surfaces that come in contact with them and food items.

In this article, we discussed about what attract rodents in you Brisbane and Gold Coast homes, what conditions favour their breeding and what methods can be adapted to keep the homes uninfected from rodents. It is very important to note that


Also, if you have tried DIY methods and still not getting expected results contact us and we will be more that happy to help.