Cockroach Pest Control Treatment In Gold Coast

Cockroaches: They are the insects of the order of Blattodea including termites. There are over 4500 species of Cockroaches out of which 30 are associated with Human habitats and four are considered as major pests. Majority of the species of Cockroaches are about the size of a thumbnail however, some species can go up to 9 cms in length weighing over 30 grams. They exploit a diverse range of ecologies, living among decaying leaf matter, under bark, in caves and burrows, on the foliage of shrubs and in the nests of social insects, boring into wood and even adopting a semi-aquatic habit.  There are three main types of cockroaches found in Australia which are considered as pests. To book your cockroach treatments Gold Coast, give us a call at 04818-73787.

1. German Cockroach: They vary in color from tan to golden brown and are about 1 to 1.5 cms long and are found in Restaurants, Food processing facilities, Hotels, Commercial kitchens, Hospital Kitchens. They like hot and moist conditions. The commonly infest the interior of the building and their complete eradication requires multiple visits. Newborns can become adults within a short span of 36 days.

2. Australian Cockroach: It is a common tropical cockroach with an average length of 23-25 mm. After hatching they take anywhere between 6 to 12 months to become adults. They are one of the species that fly as well. It is mostly an outdoor cockroach. They feed on plants and decaying materials and are found in card boards as well. They prefer warmer climates but can also stay indoors in cooler months.

3. American Cockroach: This is the largest species of cockroach which are considered pests. They vary from 32-54mm in size. They infest dwellings and utilities. They become adult in 6 to 12 months and adult life-cycle is also between 6 to 12 months. They prefer dark, warm and moist conditions so they can be found indoors as well as outdoors.

our approach to SOLVE your COCKROACH PROBLEm


We will inspect the area and inform you about the options for the best results.


We will advise you about the non chemical options to protect the property from further infestations.


Once the inspection has been done we will treated the area with the appropriate chemicals.


We will maintain the records of the treatment and will inform you in advance about when next treatment is due to keep the roperty free from cockroaches.

COCKROACH MANAGEMENT TIPS: Effective management of Cockroaches inside, outside and around the buildings is dependent on the chemical as well as non-chemical methods. Below are some tips that would help you to eliminate cockroaches:

  • Keep the Kitchen clean especially during night times.
  • Dishes should not be left in the sink overnight.
  • Bins should be emptied and thrown in the outside bin every night.
  • Stagnant water should not be present anywhere.
  • Cracks and crevices should be sealed in wherever they serve as an entry point.
  • Deep cleaning of the Kitchen should be carried out on a monthly basis.

Cockroach Treatments Gold Coast

Chemical treatment for the cockroach problems include spraying, dusting and gelling and monitoring until the problem has been completely solved. Chemical treatments will not give you the desired and long term results until the cleaning issued have been sorted for the cockroach problems. If you are still unsure call trusted professionals in your area to get rid of the Cockroach problems. The Pest and Termite Co has fully trained and licensed technicians to solve your cockroach issues. Call us on 04818 PESTS(73787) or click here to get a quote