Rodents and the Health Risk They Pose


odents constitute to 40% of all the mammal species found in all the continents except Antarctica thereby making them the largest group of mammals. Rodents have been living on this planet for more than 56 million years now. Rats are also well known as hidden housemates. They have managed to set up their homes everywhere with humans.  There are two categories of rats that can infest homes in Australia.  They are Black rats also known as roof rats’ and Brown rats also known as Norway rats.

Black rats – Also known as roof rats or house rats, are the ones with whom we usually have an encounter at our homes. They are omnivorous and they eat about anything when they are hungry enough. They are good climbers thus you can find them in attics, cabinets, ceilings. In order to get water, they will also chew plastic and metal pipes that can lead to major structural damage.

Brown Rats – They are also known as street rats or sewer rats. Norway rats are dangerous as they expose human to diseases.  Brown rats are true omnivores and have a tendency to gnaw almost everything. They are well known to cause some serious damage to structural properties. They tend to return back innumerable times to the place where they find their favourite food.

How to know signs of infestation of Black rats & Brown rats– Just like Black Rats even Brown Rats are nocturnal in nature and great swimmers. Damage caused by both those results to great structural loss. They also contaminate places with their droppings and urine. There have been unintentional disclosures on infestation by Black rats and Brown rats. Below mentioned are few one:

  1. Persistent scratching noise in the attics or walls
  2. Presence of droppings with pointed ends around the house points out the presence of black rats while capsule shaped droppings validate the presence of Brown rats.
  3. Damaged food with gnaw marks.
  4. Exposed wiring with gnaw marks.

If you find any such signs of infestations, you can contact our friendly team for further guidance. Let the rodents control professionals do it for you.

Importance of Professional Pest Control Services

These ratolins can cause serious destruction due to their ambitious activities. Because of their notorious nature and their love to live in community, it hardly takes any time for them to get their packs together. No sooner it is you who needs to pay their rents by sacrificing your health.  It is indeed essential to ensure health & hygiene before these free riders devastate your homes.

Reasons why Professional Pest Control is a pivotal:

  1. It’s not always that a DIY approach is enough – that’s where our professional services come to your become your
  2. Pests pose serious threat to your health – thus it is essential to keep your habitat a contamination free zone.
  3. Pests can cause serious damage to the property – so we ensure your home stays your home and not their playground.
  4. Pests design a stress full environment – It helps you cherish a stress free abode.

According to the CDC, Rats and mice can spread over 35 diseases.


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  1. The Black Rats tend to enter our homes as soon as the winter sets in.
  2. A roof rat grows rapidly as a female roof rate can give birth to around 24 babies in a year.
  3. They are fond of warm habitat. Before it gets too cold its always advisable to seal all the visible holes
  4. They are capable of defecating up to 60 times a day thereby infesting the home
  5. They demarcate their territory by urinating and thus attracting other rodents.
  6. Norway rats are carriers to serious zoonotic diseases like Jaundice and other viruses.
  7. Norway rats can easily contaminate food thus being a serious threat to the health.
  8. 1 rat equals over 25,000 droppings each year which include allergens and diseases that could harm your health.
  9. Bubonic Plague’ is a disease of rodents & their fleas that can infect humans. It’s transmitted from rodents to humans when they bite them!
  10. Rodents are known to spread more than 35 diseases.
  11. We dream of you having a spick and span house with a hygiene environment. You can count on us for our services for the highest possible quality methods!


Well, we know the YouTube & Internet is flooded with massive information, but still we’ve some of the most efficacious home remedies for you.

  1. Peppermint Oil AND Castor Oil

Yes, you heard it right. Rodents are not much fond of the smell of these oils. Put some peppermint or castor oil dipped cotton balls at various holes/places in your house to get rid of rodents.

  1. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves works as wonders not only in the food but it can help you keep the rats at bay, too. The aroma of bay leaves will attract them & later will make them feel suffocated thus they will try to run out to save their lives. Place some in front of several openings in your home and keep the annoying rats away.

  1. The Magic of Cloves

Rodents dislike the smell of Cloves. Place a bunch of Cloves or one can put it in a muslin cloth and keep them near their favourite spots to get rid of rodents.

  1. Mothballs or Rodents Repellents

Mothballs are extremely dangerous for rodents, lizards, insects, etc. It has ammonia and naphthalene that can suffocate the rats & will kill them.

  1. Onions

Rodents get irritated by the smell of onions. Put some sliced onions outside the holes or the entryways and it will stop them from infesting inside the home.

These remedies are efficacious and will help you to an extent to keep rodents at bay. But if the signs of infestation are severe & DIY Methods do not serve the purpose—this is where ‘The Pest & Termite Company’ will come to your rescue.


  1. Proofing

It’s the one time permanent solution to say goodbye to the mischief makers. We protect your housing space from the inside out, by sealing every single way rats can get in. Proofing ensures that your living space gets rat proof, as we seal all the entry spots that could entertain the entry of rats. We use cast iron grills and concrete mixtures in this process.

  1. Trapping

Trapping Method has been followed since ages. But, it can be dangerous to try it alone. We understand how frightening it can be once they enter the kitchen. So, here comes ‘The Pest & Termite Company’ to your rescue. Once, the type of rodent is identified, the professionals will thus use different traps. Precautions need to be taken as this operation shouldn’t be set near food preparation areas.

  1. Chemical Control

Coping with unwelcome rogue rodents? Well, we’re here for you. Chemical control includes variety of techniques such as baiting, use of tracking powders and gels. We also use Ditrac Blox Rodenticide that will kill the target pesky rats in 3-5 days after initial feeding.


Q1. During the COVID pandemic situation, are the safety precautions taken while doing the services?

Ans. Since 1929, we’ve been the local experts in commercials & residential pest management solutions. Also, ‘The Pest & Termite Company’ is screener @ approved for continuous 10 years by Home Advisor. So, we’re the most trustworthy company. We understand the concerns about protecting you & your family from the COVID outbreak. We’ve the knowledge, skill and ability through the latest infection control personnel protective measures to ensure the safety.

Q2. In which areas ‘The Pest & Termite Company’ is providing services?

Ans. At the moment, we’re providing services in Gold Coast & Brisbane.

Q3. Do you provide guaranteed pest control services?

Ans. We at ‘The Pest & Control Company’ get guaranteed results as we’ve a separate Quality Assurance Department which performs random audits to make sure the Pest Control Services are up to high standards.

Q4. Can you explain me the tenure of Pest Control Services?

Ans. Its 365 Days Additional 1 Year of warranty on residential & commercial pests treatment.

Q5. What’re the precautionary methods to ensure rat free home/business space?

Ans. Precautions is better than cure. Following are the ways:

– Clear the clutter. Less litter means fewer places to hide.

– Repair your home.

– Place garbage bags in bins instead of keeping them open.

– Keep the food stuff in tight containers

Q6. What if the DIY Methods don’t help?

Ans. Well, our expert team is here for you. Book an appointment with us on 04818PESTS(73787)

Q7. What’s the process for Pest Control Services?

Ans. Identify—Treat—Prevent—Maintain. Our technicians inspect the premises carefully & look out for signs of damage. Depending on the pests and the severity of damage caused, we use pest control methods. Right from snap traps to electronic traps to bait stations with rodenticides and so on. Then, we make sure to seal entry crack points, crevices thus preventing them to enter the premises. Lastly, our Pest Technician will advise you of timely inspection & maintaining the proper cleanliness of the premises.